Single bikes are an aquatic blast!

There is no better way to check out Mission Bay than on a single Hydrobike ride with your family or some friends! They are safe, stable, dry, unsinkable and great exercise! Kid friendly, senior friendly and even dog friendly...  What are you waiting for?

Tandem bikes are twice the fun! 

Great for a romantic outing, a ride with a friend, or a younger child you want to keep close. Even more stable than a single bike, the tandems are a hit with couples, besties and families. 


Close up encounters with sea lions and marine life!

Not only are Hydrobikes a great way to exercise, but also an outstanding ("outsitting!") platform to view marine and wildlife from a stable, above the water perch. There's an excellent chance you'll run into some sea lions on your ride in the Quivira Basin, and also seals, cormorants, pelicans, garibaldi (California's protected, bright golden-orange-colored official state marine fish), rays, great blue heron, fish hawks, crabs, and a menagerie of other critters. 


Great for team building, group activities or families that want to ride together. We’ll even deliver the bikes to your location on Mission Bay.

We’re happy to assist your large group in any way we can. Please call or email us to get your group booked today! 

Our gift cards are great for birthdays, special occasions, or anyone you know who would enjoy a good adventure! Give the gift of an exciting water bike ride on San Diego’s calm, marine life-rich Mission Bay.